November 20, 2015

Andalusia by Laura Blanchard for Red Rooster

The Andalusia region in southern Spain is renowned for its art, architecture, and intricate hand crafted tile. The focal print in our Andalusia collection was influenced by these decorative Spanish tile designs. This striking medallion design is the perfect starting point for refreshing your home decor.Companion prints include a smaller rosette print, a stylized floral, dots, chevron weave, a narrow stripe, interlocking rings, and an Ikat-style texture. The Andalusia collection is great for sewing traditional and modern quilts, duvet covers, bed skirts, pillow shams, and valances for a guest room. Update bathroom d├ęcor with a bold shower curtain, Roman shades, and trim for hand towels for your guests. These timeless designs are also ideal for tablecloths, napkins, table runners, and pillows and cushions for porch furniture. Laura Blanchard designed a pieced quilt with a modern flair especially for our Andalusia collection. You'll love how she turned the medallions in the main print into a stunning tile design!

 Click HERE to download the FREE pattern on the Red Rooster Fabrics website.

November 05, 2015

Forest Frolics by Heidi Boyd for Red Rooster Fabrics

Heidi Boyd, artist, craft book author, and designer of hand stitching kits, has created Forest Frolics, her first collection for Red Rooster. Heidi tells us, "The collection was inspired by our life in the Maine woods where we often see deer and fox tracks and listen to chickadees chattering overhead. The panel features 6 animal paintings: kissing foxes, a doe and fawn resting in a wildflower meadow, brown bear cub and mother eating blueberries, bunnies hiding under ferns, hedgehogs rubbing noses, and a watchful owl family on a high pine bough. Playful chickadees balancing on bittersweet adorn the top and bottom of the panel. Companion prints include a scenic forest print, foxes, chickadees, wood grains, mini ferns, a handwritten forest tale, and colorful pops of red-capped mushrooms. The twig-framed hexagon print features a variety of animals that are ideal for an 'eye spy' quilt."

October 15, 2015

Magnolia by Alisse Courter for Camelot Fabrics

 There are FREE pattern downloads available from the Camelot Fabrics website.
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Hello Snow by Debi Hron for Henry Glass Fabrics

There are two wonderful FREE patterns available from Henry Glass.
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Quilt 64" x 81"
Bed runner 39" x 98"

October 10, 2015

Maple Island by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics

On the far eastern side of Lake Superior, just off the Canadian shore lies a small island called Maple Island. There are tree lined paths down to the water that make a canopy overhead. In the fall of the year the colors are brilliant. The rich tones of the oak and maple are spectacular in shades of red, gold, orange and green. We hope we have conveyed the feel of this small but wondrous place in your mind in the fabric line we have designed for you.

With Glowing Hearts by Moda

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