June 18, 2016

Row by Row Experience 2016

Row by Row 2016 starts Tuesday, June 21 . The theme is Home Sweet Home.

Our row features some of my favorite things...home, peppermints (sweets) and my dog....home sweet home...although the dog house is just for show, my dog actually has a few cozy beds in the house not outside. Of course keeping with our Stratford theme from previous rows, I added a small pond and some swans.
Every June I like to make a new banner for Canada so I thought this year I would incorporate it into a row. Use it in a quilt or just make it for a runner or banner to hang in your window around July 1st...either way, to me Canada is Home Sweet Home!
So this year, you choose which row pattern you would like.
Kits for both will be available.

With Glowing Hearts by Moda

Just arrived! Coordinating Bella Solids